1) Logon ACE Wallet and select [Assets]
2) Select [Staking Pool Wallet] and [Apply Now]

Click 【Add Fund】

If Available insufficient funds, click on (+) Funds
Note: 1 LOT Amount = 50.00 Doge

1)Enter the Doge coin  
Note: 1 LOT = 50.00 Doge 

2)Click [Transfer]


1)  Click [Confirm] transfer from Main Wallet to Staking Pool Wallet.

2) Success transfer details.

1)Enter your desired  [Lot Amount] to add Fund.

2)Click  ✅ by continuing you agree to T&C.

3)Click [Next].

1)  Click [Confirm] for Add Fund Confirmation.

2) Success Add Fund details.

In Staking Pool Wallet, click [>] to check [My Fund] [My Assets] [History].

Click [My Fund] to view LOT Purchased.

Click [History] to view Add Fund histories.