1) Logon ACE Wallet and select [Profile]
2) Select [Security]

Click 【Google Authentication】

Click 【Set Up Now】

Click [Apple Store / Google Play Store] and Download and Install the Google Authenticator app on your phone.

After click the app. Install and Open the Google Authenticator.

Scan the QR code or copy the provided key to your Google Authenticator.

Set up your first account in Google Authentication

1) Scan a QR Code
If the mobile device does not have an available camera, you can optionally enter the key provided and proceed to the next step upon adding this key to the Google Authenticator.

2) Enter a setup key
In this interface, the reset code for the Google Authenticator will be prompted (32-digits key). Upon backing up the code, proceed to the next step.

1) Enter Account details (Example: ACE Wallet)
2) Enter the setup key (32-digits key)
3) Enter [Add]

Google secondary authenticator page parsing is as below:

1)  Enter the Google Authentication Code from the Google Authenticator App.
2) Enter the Email OTP 6 digits number that send into your email address.
3) Enter Verify Now.

Successfully Set Up Google Authentication.