1) Logon ACE Wallet and select [Assets]
2) Select [Tether USDT]

Click on the banner as shown below.

Click 【Get Started】

Read and understand the ”OTC Terms of Use”, tick ✅ on the checkbox and click【Next】

Enter your【Fund Passcode】

1) Select [OTC Trade].

2) Select [Buy USDT].

3) Select your desired advertisement to Trade.

1) Enter your desired amount to Buy.

2) Click [Submit].

Enter your [Fund Passcode] and Click [Agree]

1) Upload the payment slip accordingly upon completed the payment.

2) Click [I Have Paid] upon completed the upload.

1) Click [Yes] to make sure you had paid to seller. Once you confirm it cannot be undo.

2) Message Note that the Buyer have marked the order as paid, please wait for seller to confirm and release the asset.

Upon confirmation from seller on payment successfully received, buyer will receive the assets and the below information indicating the Trade is COMPLETED.

To check on the COMPLETED trades history, please follow the below steps:

1) Click 【OTC Order】

2) Select [Completed Trades]

3) The COMPLETED trade (Buy) will be reflected as below screenshot.