Blockchain asset transfer is divided into three steps

Withdraw – Blockchain confirmation – Posted

Step 1: Successful transfer represents a transfer operation on the respective platform or wallet that withdrew the currency;

Step 2: Complete the corresponding blockchain confirmation. Blockchain congestion, delay and other conditions may cause your digital currency to be delayed in completing all confirmations;

Step 3: Upon the completion and confirmation to the platform, the account will be posted soonest possible. 

⚠ Notes ⚠

  • You may request “TXID” from the sender to check the progress of deposit by visiting to the blockchain portal at or

  • If Blockchain portal shows that it is being confirmed, please wait patiently for the completion of the blockchain confirmation, before Ace Wallet can post to your account.

  •  When Blockchain portal shows that it has been confirmed and you yet to receive the funds, you can contact the official customer service of Ace Wallet platform by providing the relevant TXID, currency name, quantity and deposit time, in order for customer service team to further assist in checking on your deposit status.