1. Click 【Assets】> 【Growth Account】and select you desired coin to invest, transfer from [Ace Wallet] to [Growth Account].

  2. Click 【Add +2%】

  3. There are two options for interest payout
    (a) Interest payout in the same currency (For example, top up BTC and receive your  interest in BTC)
    (b) Interest payout in DAA token (Receive 2% bonus interest on all your assets by choosing to get paid in DAA tokens)

  4. Upon clicking 【Confirm】, click 【Transfer In/Out Growth Account】, input desired amount and click 【Transfer】.

  5. Input your [Fund Passcode] and click 【Confirm】.

  6. Upon clicking 【Confirm】, the successful transfer details will be shown.

  7. Click 【Transactions】to check on interest details.

    ⚠ Note ⚠
    Invest on the first day, profit settlement in the early morning of the second day, and earn interest on the third day (interest will reflect in Ace Wallet). If user transfer back to the Ace wallet before next day's profit settlement, no interest will be earned. There is no minimum investment limit, no processing fees and no lock-up period, user may deposit and withdraw freely.